Awakening the Soul

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Ascension…what does it mean for me?
by Beatriz Orive

This is a word being used quite often in the past few years, and most times its full meaning and implications for each of us is unclear. We begin our lives much as our parents and grandparents did. We go to school since we are very young (even younger now), learning to feed the mind with lots of information. We also learn to relate to our peers based on what we are taught at home. Initially this relating is more spontaneous, for as children we do as we feel. As we grow older we become more guarded, learning to ‘calculate’ our involvement with others based on keeping ourselves ‘safe’ and protecting our heart. The road to success is well mapped, and it includes external parameters and stepping stones: occupation, level of education, titles, houses, neighborhoods, family, money, etc.

Where is the space for our creativity…for us inventing a future that fulfills us individually? By the time we are young adults, the weight of expectations squashes our ability to design our own path. Stress and apathy become the acceptable norm. The world has not been ready for continuously new platforms that may allow us creative and spontaneous wiggle room, that in the end connects us like links to a perfectly balanced and evolving chain. If we are lucky enough to have wonderful and loving parents, we are encouraged to dream and follow those dreams. But this is not the majority of the population.

Forging a new path…

Many follow the path society has laid in front of them. They move robotically through life, using external parameters to measure happiness…forgetting how to relate to each other and to themselves. Until one day it all goes haywire! Our life ceases to make sense, or we feel unhappy and don’t know why or how to change it, or we look around and don’t recognize ourselves. Whatever the reason, we know we must change in order to feel more fulfilled, more alive. The courageous ones will begin to ask questions, first outside to our peers and teachers, until we eventually realize it is all inside. But we haven’t been taught to communicate with ourselves. Plus it means going in a different direction than the majority, that which has become acceptable and where we think we belong or fit in. If we are true to ourselves, we knew we never really fit in; we just tried to acquiesce. Our hearts have been replaced in importance by the mind, rather than acting together in balance to create our wildest dreams.

The Earth is now vibrating higher, whether this is a result of our galaxy being in the center of the Universe or just the design of a population that is beginning to wake up to the possibility of a greater and richer life. Everything is happening faster: we think it and it happens…we give our energy to something and it grows. The information age is also helping accelerate the pace of change. With this comes greater awareness. We hear more and more stories of people defying the norm to search for internal fulfillment. And this is creating a need to learn to move within, to make the journey from the mind (external) to the heart (internal). The heart is the pathway to the soul…to that wiser part of us that is connected to the Divine…to our Higher Self.

We are beginning to understand that the more we integrate with that Divine part, the more ecstatic our life becomes. Fear and worry drop away, and the parameters of happiness become stillness, gratitude, appreciation for everything and everyone around us…for ourselves; it involves stopping what we are doing in order to be Present in the Moment. We become more respectful of the Earth and all that lives within Her. We break free of the mold and begin to experience the unknown, the field of all possibilities. We learn that in surrender is freedom, and that the Universe is much greater than we ever imagined. This is the path of ascension! We are moving deeper within to integrate with our Higher Selves! And the Universe seems to be conspiring to assist us in moving into these seemingly unknown frontiers. Yet our soul knows that eternal part of us, and that in connecting with our Higher Selves, we are connecting to all that is Divine. The goal becomes an ever greater connection, with the awareness that we are active co-creators of manifesting beauty in our lives. The result is ecstatic joy, presence and participation in the magic of life, absolute peace, and a clarity to see beyond the illusions of our life as incarnated souls. All in all, the greatest gift of ascension is FREEDOM! And each of us has the ability to write the script!! The only requirement is discipline, although once we touch this space nothing else compares.

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