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The program consists of three modules, each with its own theme, building upon the prior modules. Each module lasts three days, and is generally taught from Friday to Sunday. The classes are typically offered three months apart, giving students time and tools to integrate the learnings into their own lives.


Energy Management & the Chakra System

  • August 1 - September 5
    2 pm to 6 pm EST (Miami time)
    6 consecutive Saturdays · ONLINE
Management of Energy

 Managing the subtle energies within and around us are key to creating health, abundance and bliss in our lives.

  • How do we lose energy?
  • How do we gain or expand it?
  • How can we learn to manage our energy better?
  • How can we maintain a level of energy that makes us happy, healthy and able to invest in our dreams?
The Energy Body

Understanding our Energy Body (the physical body’s blueprint for health) lets us proactively take charge of our well-being.

  • What is our Energy Body?
  • Why should I care about it?
  • How will knowing about it help me feel better about my life and myself?
The CHakras

Chakras are the main organs of the Energy Body; managing them well helps us advance in our own spiritual journey.

  • Chakras manage the energy which nurtures us emotionally, mentally, creatively & spiritually.
  • How do we evaluate our chakras?
  • How do we keep them healthy?
  • What type of information about us and about our lives does each chakra have?

Shedding the Past & the Steps to Spiritual Awakening

  • November 7 - December 12
    2 pm to 6 pm EST (Miami time)
    6 consecutive Saturdays · ONLINE
Shedding our past is an act of power and of love! We are not our history or our story.
  • Discover the soul lessons and gifts from your lived experiences.
  • Learn to release traumas & memories that weigh heavily on us.
  • Change perceptions of past experiences in order to return energy to the present.
Releasing baggage from our Past helps us make better choices in the Present.
  • How do we face our Shadows?
  • How do we consciously learn to live in a World of Love (rather than a World of Fear)?
  • How do we shift our roles to a higher possibility?
Becoming Concious of our Path
Knowing where we are in our Awakening Path allows us to maximize each step of our spiritual journey.
  • Does awakening improve our lives?
  • How do we know where we are in our awakening path?
  • How does advancing through these steps improve my life?

Facing our Fears & Manifesting our Dreams

  • February 27 - April 3, 2021
    2 pm to 6 pm EST (Miami time)
    6 consecutive Saturdays · ONLINE
Confronting our Fears
Our fears paralyze us from reaching for our highest potential.
  • Fears stem from past experiences or the environment.
  • When we project our past experiences into the future, we can become caught in a web of past limitations.
Facing our fears liberates us and allows us to create what we do want.
  • When we ask someone about their dreams they usually tell us what they don't want.
  • Learn to pay attention to the moment and to the beauty in our lives.
Start learning to manifest your future from a place of balance.
  • Become the steward of your own life.
  • Actively create the future you want.
  • Feed your dreams rather than the illusions of the mind.

Spiritual Practices for Personal Growth

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