Silence Speaks Volumes


The serenity and joy we seek can first be found within. In these podcasts, energy medicine healer Bea Orive guides you on your journey to inward peace and ecstatic living.

Tune in

Creating a Sacred Space

Releasing Limiting Emotions

Finding Inner Peace

Finding Your Power Animal

Listen to the ‘still soft voice within’ as you meditate along with shamanic practitioner Bea Orive.

“Bea's inner peace and beauty shines outwardly, and embraces those around her. Through her guided meditations, I have come to realize that many of my concrete beliefs about myself and the world around me were a mere illusion, limiting my ability to enjoy and interact with the beauty and abundance that surrounds us all. I am slowly learning to find my 'quiet center', and to manifest a better world through my new spiritual connection, energy-body management, and purposeful thought. I encourage anyone who has ever thought to themselves, 'Is this all there is?' to participate in this powerful and enlightening learning experience.”
— Pam Darbyshire